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The process was fun, informative, easy to navigate and directly aligned with the needs of actors and skill set of CDs/agents/producers. You’ve established smart business model, within Insite and Intro, and I look forward to working with you more in the future. Your services are much needed in the industry and I admire any entrepreneur who sees an unfulfilled need and invents the solution. - Diana Lote, Casting Director

I am OBSESSED with Actors Insite!

- Ariel Eliaz

The service is GREAT ! No agonizing Q & A s - No cramping 20 ,desperate unemployed actors into a tiny room.  So simple, so easy - so direct ! I go to a lot of these places and I don't really want to do the same sides the CDs recycle for years and have everyone read, I don't want to do monologues- I want them to look at my friggin' reel and call me in. With this service that's basically what happens !

- Daniel

Thank you, Brad, for having this service!  It's been a huge eye-opener for me.  


- Kabin Thomas, Actor

Hi Brad:  This is such a wonderful way to see actors work!

- Caroline Sinclair, Casting Director

Hi Brad, just wanted to say thanks so much for adding that new feature where we can put in a question or comment – I’m about to open in a really good play, so I mentioned that on my submissions last week, and the first two people who responded said politely, “Thanks for letting us know,” but then (casting director) actually said, “We would love to come to this performance, please email my associate,” etc.  SO helpful to have things like that be part of the conversation! Also, having our resumes available is a huge help.

- Jennifer Dorr White

Thanks so much for continuing to improve on Actors Insite! It's a great service.

- Rachel Lynn Jackson

I will definitely continue using Actors Insite because I've been getting great responses and I just think you are the best tool for actors on the market!

- Tjasa Ferme

Actors Insite is a wonderful and unique site that allows actors from around the country to learn from industry professionals that they would normally not have any way of connecting with.  It’s a great way for talent to get feedback and grow.

- Rob Decina, Casting Director
If you’re going to represent and market yourself online, Actors Insite is one necessary and inexpensive tool you want in your belt. - Chad Miller

Blue Bloods baby!  He loved my reel and I'm going in to audition on Monday!  Thanks, man!

- Amar
I think that when you meet someone in person, it can be awkward to ask directly if they liked your work, and sometimes you can't come up with your best stuff on the spot when you do a monologue. This lets me show off with no pressure!  Thanks. JP - Jessica
Hello!  I just wanted to say a quick thank you for the service Actors Insite provides—a couple of weeks ago Cody Beke called me in for “Broad City” after seeing my work on Actors Insite. Very exciting opportunity! I really appreciate being able to easily showcase my work and send it to people I’m interested in working with. - Alex S.
Just had two meetings with CDs I met on the site.  Going in for a series regular with one of them tomorrow!  Thanks so much!  -Branden - Branden