The Industry Loves ActorsInsite!

ActorsInsite - Agent viewing acting reel

“ActorsInsite Provides Fresh Access… ActorsInsite offers a unique opportunity to be seen without all of the anxiety and trappings surrounding physical meetings and auditions.”

“ActorsInsite is a wonderful and unique site that allows actors from around the country to learn from industry professionals that they would normally not have any way of connecting with. It’s a great way for talent to get feedback and grow.”
Rob Decina, Emmy-nominated Casting Director

“ActorsInsite is an amazing tool for industry insiders to be introduced to new talent in a very professional way.”
 NY Talent Manager

Creating Real Connections with Casting Directors

“Since setting up my profile on ActorsInsite, I just booked the part of Ibrahim in the feature film True Story with James Franco and Jonah Hill, produced by Brad Pitt. Setting up a profile on ActorsInsite has helped put my work in front of industry professional who I would not have met otherwise.” 
Ngo Okafor, Actor

“Thanks to ActorsInsite, I was able to really up-level my relationship with casting. The power of seeing my reel was just the push I needed to get called in! Combined with my marketing,  ActorsInsite is a fantastic virtual way to deepen your industry relationships or break the ice for the first time.”
Jen, Actor

Blue Bloods baby!  He loved my reel and I’m going in to audition!”
Amar, Actor, New York City

“Just had two meetings with casting directors I met on ActorsInsite.  Going in for a series regular with one of them tomorrow!”
Branden, Actor